Creating a Culture of Healing and Empathy

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We want to share our experiences to help give a voice to adult survivors of abuse and connect with others who have overcome or are working through some of life's many challenges. Please connect with us below through our social media icons or via email. Help us increase awareness and connect with other survivors by sharing our blog with your friends and family. Thanks!

Our Story

Ever wonder what life can be like for survivors of sexual abuse?

Join us in our first interview where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and add our story to other survivors of sexual abuse stories. We hope it will help increase everyone’s awareness of the lifelong battle some survivors face, and ultimately, help inspire others to commence the healing process. It’s never too late. After all, we did not embark on this journey until adulthood.

There is hope.

Help us increase awareness and reach other survivors by sharing our story with your family and friends!

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