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We want to share our experiences to help give a voice to adult survivors of abuse and connect with others who have overcome or are working through some of life's many challenges. Please connect with us below through our social media icons or via email. Help us increase awareness and connect with other survivors by sharing our blog with your friends and family. Thanks!

We Love You: Victims of Sexual Abuse

We’re overwhelmed with the response we’ve had since we did our first post exactly one week ago.

One intimidating thing about starting this new site is we didn’t know how people would react to us speaking up as victims. We can all relate to some life experiences that we’re so ashamed of or that cause us so much pain we plan to take them to the grave. This is us attempting to shed our shame.

It seems like in the media, we rarely get to hear about the hard work victims of abuse put in to heal. After some of the sensational news stories die down, the victims are the ones left still needing to recover. They don’t always have help and understanding from society.

News stories often seem to focus on whether an alleged perpetrator is guilty or not of committing a crime (Stephen Collins, Bill Cosby, Amanda Byne’s Father, Brian David Mitchell, Jerry Sandusky, Michael Jackson, leaders in the Boy Scouts of America, leaders in churches and Warren Jeffs etc.). While this may serve to protect a victim’s privacy and the accused who are actually innocent, the media doesn’t seem to spend as much time familiarizing society with the challenges victims of sexual abuse face after the abuse occurs.

We believe this needs to change. Our hope in opening up is to show, first-hand, the difficulties victims face as well as the process of healing. It is detrimental as victims when it feels like society doesn’t understand our perspective. We imagine victims will feel safer reaching out for help when all of us can openly discuss and understand some of these more uncomfortable topics. Fortunately this is exactly what has been happening since we began last week.

We are so touched by all of the love and support we’ve received through messages, likes, comments, and thousands of views to our site.

We have received dozens of messages from others whose lives have been impacted by abuse, ptsd, depression, multiple kinds of disorders, and even some impacted by the same perpetrator who abused us. This is an indication that many are ready to begin speaking about the pain and trials they’ve been burdening for so long. This is an indication that we’re all in need of  regular members of society to help share our burdens with, in addition to trained professionals. This is an indication that many are ready to heal.

It’s humbling to begin connecting with so many people and it’s helping us realize even more that no one needs to go through this alone. Victims need to feel more empathy and understanding.

Since we’re receiving questions and comments (and we’re not professionals and always recommend seeking professional help), we want to know what resources, books, techniques, therapists, groups, websites etc. others have found helpful in their healing process and feel comfortable sharing. We want to begin compiling some resources to help point anyone who might be in need of help in the right direction.

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We Love You


  1. I left it on my blog, but LENS treatment (a biofeedback thing), guided imagery helps me get back to sleep and gets me out of a deep funk (Belleruth Naparstek is who I use), and EMDR have helped me a lot. I want to do more with meditation as well, but I don’t know where to look. I’d love to know what other people use. Thanks for the blog.

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