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We want to share our experiences to help give a voice to adult survivors of abuse and connect with others who have overcome or are working through some of life's many challenges. Please connect with us below through our social media icons or via email. Help us increase awareness and connect with other survivors by sharing our blog with your friends and family. Thanks!

survivorsARE Awareness Video and KSL Interview

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a busy week.

On April 12, we got together with a number of other survivors of sexual abuse.

With this small group, we filmed a one-minute-long awareness video to help illustrate who survivors are. We released the video on Monday, April 27.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. That is a lot of people!

Our goal is to give a face to the 1 in 4 and 1 in 6 and to help everyone get more comfortable having conversations about sexual abuse. We believe this will help other survivors feel safer to begin healing or encourage others to continue.

What do the survivors among us look like? Watch and see:

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Everyone who participated was really brave to be vulnerable and share their voice. We’re just a small representation of survivors who are everyday people and are everywhere.

On Monday, we were also interviewed by Nkoyo Iyamba at KSL. Annaka and I were really nervous to interview with the news but believe in lending our voice to help other survivors heal. The plan was to have our story air on KSL’s nightly broadcast on Tuesday. The station decided not to air our spot. They did include our story in an online article though.

BenandAnnaka KSL Interview

Picture from KSL Interview

Annaka wrote the following and shared it on our Facebook Page:

We just got word that our interview with KSL is no longer going to be aired on TV. They did an online article instead. Here’s the link:

Survivors of sexual abuse help others break the silence

Although I’m disappointed that I spent so long getting ready and they didn’t even show a picture of me ;), we are pleased that KSL did air a story today about how The Children’s Justice Center aids child victims and that the LDS church donated money to them. We’re happy for any news about helping the issue. We also feel the best way to know about how to help survivors is to listen to the survivors.

We’d love to get a lot of “likes” on the article and our awareness awareness video to show news stations that it would be fantastic to have more news stories from the survivor’s perspective.

Finally, we launched a new site called

We have met so many incredible people on our journey of healing and have benefited from some powerful collaborative experiences. We have felt compelled to create a safe environment to share messages of hope and healing for survivors and their loved ones. Although we will continue blogging on, our focus will be on our new organization called survivorsARE. Our stories will join with so many others that will be shared in written, video, or audio formats on this new site. We will also gather available resources to aid others in their journeys of healing.

We did this all in the month of April because it is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We’re not sure where our journey will take us, but we know we want to continue down the authentic path we’ve traveled so far.

We invite you all to join us by:

We appreciate all the love and support we’ve been shown and want to spread that feeling to others!


Ben and Annaka

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